2016 Inaugural Cruise

Our Inaugural Cruise has come to an end! Christine, Sharan and Blair had an amazing time and made some wonderful friends. We were very lucky to have extremely talented guests to demonstrate and teach classes while on board the Pacific Aria. With the help of Kaysie Lackey, Anna Maria Roche and Odelia Judes our cakers learned a variety of techniques including armature, modelling, flower making, working with wafer paper, covering double barrel cakes and painting! It was a jam packed cruise event!
While our lovely cakers were able to try new techniques we also had time for play! Blair along with her fabulous helpers Cec and Jaq did an amazing job of hosting our Hollywood Theme Night! It was a great way for everyone to get talking and meet each other. We were all very impressed with the efforts our guests went to with their outfits for the night! We had everything from Marilyn Monroe to Jack Sparrow!
The weather didn’t disappoint either – a warm day for visiting Moreton Island, with a balmy 29 degrees! Much better compared to a chilly 7 degrees in Victoria this morning! Our cakers we able to experience Helicopter Rides, Parasailing, Snorkeling, Quad Bike Riding and even Dolphin Feeding. Not a bad way to spend a day at all.
We did endure some rocky seas on the way home as we left Moreton Island late the night before. There were a few people out for the count on the last day, BUT you were all troopers and you didn’t let it get you down! We are so proud of you!
Christine, Sharan and Blair cannot thank our cakers and their partners enough. We had a warm, friendly and welcoming group of enthusiastic cake decorators. The company we shared over the 5 days is what made our time a magical one!

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